Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Ramblings

Well it's mid-January. When I leave for work in the morning, its dark. When I get home from work its dark. This is the time of year when cabin fever can set in. Big time.

Here in WV, the winters certainly aren't cold enough to preclude all outdoor recreation, but the conditions certainly aren't optimal. Given my limited time to "do" outdoorsy stuff because of other commitments, limited finances, and limited vacation time, I've been opting to save a lot of my excursions for when weather conditions are more optimal.
Sometimes regardless of the weather, a hike through the snow can be fun!

That gives me lots of indoor time this time of year. Traditional flyfishing wisdom says I should be tying flies to stock up for the upcoming spring hatches. I do tie some of my own flies, but I'm not good enough or efficient enough to tie all of what I need. Maybe I need to just get back at the tying bench and rekindle my desire to pump out some flies.
A few assorted experimental flies I tied a few winters back.

Since football is all but over, and I'm not a huge NHL fan, the last option for sports entertainment is NCAA basketball (I can't even consider the NBA a legitimate option). Being a WVU basketball fan has been pretty good for most of the last decade, but this year has been tough. I'm almost positive this WVU team will set an NCAA record for most 2nd half leads blown. They may also set the record for the most double digit deficits overcome in the second half, only to end up still losing. I don't know if it is a lack of experience, lack of poise, bad luck or a combination of all those, but this team has lost many close games. It has made watching games tough just because in the back of my mind, I'm always trying to figure out how exactly WVU will find a way to make the game end the most painful way possible, although WVU fans should have come to expect that after the football season...
Typical look from Huggs this season

I've started thinking forward to my garden. Before long it will be time to start seeds inside, and I've been researching seed varieties and any new materials I may need to ensure that come May, I'm ready to transplant. This seems to be a good wintertime, indoor activity that will ensure maximum production from our upcoming garden.

Part of me now wishes that spring would hurry here, but another part of me loathes unseasonal weather, and wants to see a normal winter with some nice snows.  Not only is snow beautiful and fun, it helps recharge the water table. Since I don't have any control over the weather, I'll just adapt to what we get. If we get some unseasonably warm days, I'll try my best to get outside and do something, just to shake off the cabin fever. On those cold nights, you can find me inside, and hopefully I'll be doing something productive like tending to tomato seedlings, tying a few flies, or doing some much needing reading.

Edit--this post has now pushed the all time pageviews for my blog to over 1,000!  Woo!

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