Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lion or Lamb?

Tomorrow is the first day of March and according to weather folklore, if it comes in like a "lamb" it will go out like a "lion" and vice versa. The forecast for tomorrow is currently: mostly cloudy with flurries and snow showers, high temperature of 36, north-northwest winds at 10mph. Nothing too crazy about that forecast. In checking out the national weather map (below), the weather is pretty quiet across the entire country as we head into March. Wonder if that means we are in for some crazy weather as March winds down?

Pretty quiet weather going into March
While we've seen a few glimpses that spring isn't too far away, it is certainly still winter. As I write this, I'm looking out the window as the snow falls at a pretty good rate. Today's snow probably isn't going to accumulate much because the temps are just a little too warm in town, although the mountains should get a light coating. The days are getting longer though, the average daily temps are creeping up and some migratory birds are starting to show up. Don't worry warm weather fans, we are getting close. 

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