Monday, March 4, 2013

First fish of the year!

On Saturday, I had to run some early morning errands, then had a few hours in the middle of the day and regardless of the weather, I wanted to get outside. At about 11:30 I got to my urban bow hunting location, with the intention of doing some shed hunting. I walked the property until about 1pm, but with no luck finding sheds.

At that time I decided to head down to the locks to get a line wet for a little while. I had a glimmer of hope because it was cold, snowing, and windy--good walleye fishing time according to some, because walleye hate people apparently. But in reality I knew that walleye and sauger are dusk/dawn feeders and that I would just be practicing my casting.

I fished for about a half hour, lost a white jig, and decided to tie on a chartreuse sassy shad style jig. The water wasn't super clear, so I thought a little brighter color may pay off. Well it did. On about my 5th cast with that new jig, I felt something heavy and set the hook. It felt pretty heavy, well heavier than the 8" cigar saugers that are so prevalent there.  I was happy to land my first fish of the year, a solid 15" male walleye.

I'm not a huge fish eater because my wife is unfortunately allergic to all seafood and fish, but decided I wanted to have a few walleye fillets, and this fish was the perfect size. I fried up one fillet last night, and will probably eat the other tonight. MMMMMM tasty!

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