Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Here I am again, that right, its me, your local weather nerd. Hi. I couldn't miss the opportunity to create a post about spring on the first day of spring (that's today if you didn't know). It looks very spring-like today, bright sun, blue skies, but all that is from inside looking out. Venturing outside may give you the idea of warm day in late January, as the temps are still quite chilly.

We are definitely going through a little cold snap. None of the high temps in the long term forecast break the 50 degree mark. The daily average high for March 20 in Morgantown is 53°F. The record high is 79°F and the record low is 15°F, so even though we are a little cooler than average, we are still well within the expected range of temps for this time of year (high temp today is about 41°F).

I feel like some folks think that as soon as the calendar flips to March, that winter is over and it should at least be in the 60's everyday. That's fine, and I'm probably in the minority of people that don't wish for clear skies and warm temps everyday of the year (as a gardener I like rain). But to be honest, March is the historically the fourth coldest month on average we experience (behind only December, January, and February). The average high for the entire month is 52°F, with the average low still a sub-freezing 29°F.

Monthly Average Temperatures for Morgantown, WV
Don't worry though warm weather lovers, the daffodils are blooming, the robins have returned, and the spring peepers have started singing. That warmer spring weather is on the way, and will be here sooner than later. This cool snap will certainly end soon, and everyone will be flooding outside to enjoy the return of warmer temps. Just remember, there are gonna be a few more cold days, our average last frost doesn't pass until about the second week of May, but overall the weather will be on a quick warming trend over the next 2 months, make sure to get outside and enjoy it!



  1. Where do you live? It's been snowing all morning here in Preston County with schools getting a two hour delay. Outdoor thermometer read 16F when I got up.

    1. Ahh, now I see your post is for yesterday.

    2. Morgantown. We certainly don't get the snow that Preston gets.