Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Outdoor Goals

Most all of us make resolutions or goals at each New Year. Some think it is silly, but our human nature sees the New Year as a time of renewal, and as such I feel it is a good time to refocus our personal efforts, whether or not you want to call them "resolutions".

I, along with my wife, have made a list of some things we want to accomplish in our personal and spiritual lives, but those goals are personal, and wouldn't be all that interesting to share anyway.

That said, I'm going to share a handful of outdoor activity related goals down here. I know most of these are of little real consequence, but are things I want to accomplish this year nonetheless. Here goes:

Fishing Goals:

  • Catch a fish in every month of the year (this is usually tough for me because I get so focused on hunting in the fall).
  • In WV, catch one new species of fish (northern pike, hybrid striper, tiger musky), and/or a species I haven't caught in a few years at least (flathead catfish, musky, freshwater drum, eel, or yellow perch).
  • Catch a 15"+ smallmouth bass on a fly
  • Catch a trout over 17" on a fly
  • Float a new stretch of water
  • Explore a couple "new" brook trout streams
  • Fish with my wife
  • Fish with my mom
  • Fish with my dad
Hunting Goals:
  • Kill a coyote
  • Harvest a deer from the ground with my bow (this is my big one - thanks Evan)
  • Hunt with a recurve bow
  • Donate/give away at least 2 deer
  • Harvest more does than bucks for the year
  • Fill the freezer
  • Hunt with my dad
  • Improve the garden this year (tough to quantify)
  • Start everything in the garden from seed
  • Hike into somewhere remote, interesting, and new.
Do you set goals for your outdoor activities? What do you think of mine? Feel free to leave a comment!

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