Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A chile night at Mon County Ballpark.

While the West Virginia Black Bears were able to squeeze out a close 3-2 victory against the Muckdogs on a cool Tuesday evening, the real stars of the night were Hot Pepper Hank and Jalapeno Hannah.

For the first time ever, all six of the Mrs. T's Pierogies (Potato Pete, Sauerkraut Sal, Cheese Chester, Oliver Onion, Jalapeno Hannah, and Bacon Bert) were present at one of the Pirates minor league affiliate teams. Early in the game, the Pierogies ran their traditional Great Pierogie Race N'at. After the cheating, normal tomfoolery, and inevitable crashes and collisions, Jalapeno Hannah came away the victor, as she twirled across the finish line before performing a "purse drop" move to taunt her conquered counterparts.

Later in the game, the Julia's Pepperoni Roll Race took place. These are the normal racing cartoon food products for the West Virginia Black Bears, and the standard fare for this race includes Double Stuff Dave, Hot Pepper Hank, and Pepperoni Patty. Joining in on this evening's contest was the entire smorgasbord of Pierogies. Fatigue from their earlier race was not a factor for them as it looked like either Potato Pete or Oliver Onion would take the crown, but as they neared the finish line, the perpetual underdog Double Stuff Dave was involved in a scuffle with the leading Pierogies. This allowed Hot Pepper Hank to cruise by the hodge podge of miscreant morsels on his way to the finish line.

So it was that the night belonged to the chiles, with both Hot Pepper Hank and Jalapeno Hannah taking first place in their respective races.

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